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Switch Organisation

When granted multi-organisation access, the Switching Organisations feature allows you to easily navigate between each organisation.

Each organisation contains unique data and settings, so organisation switching allows for the management of multiple organisations while maintaining appropriate distinctions, restrictions, and security between each organisation site.


To complete this process:

If a Partner Administrator:

  • You must have “Read access” granted to your account for the Partner > Partner Organisations permission (available to Partner Administrators only).

If an Organisation Super User or below:

  • You must be assigned to multiple organisations


  • You must be an organisation admin in two or more of the organisations to which you are assigned.

How to complete this flow: 

  1. Click on the organisation switch dropdown in the navigation bar to access the list of available organisations.
  2. Select the organisation to which you want to switch, to load up that organisation’s Cognisess domain. Note that changing the organisation on any area of the Cognisess platform will refresh the area you are in, but with the selected organisations data.

Please note:

Organisation super users and below who have multi-org access will be assigned to a permission profile within each organisation to which they have access. The permissions configured for these permission profiles may differ and affect what processes you are able to complete within each organisation.