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Job Setup

The Cognisess platform provides numerous features and customisation options when setting up jobs. These allow you to tailor the candidate experience for each hire, and the scale and type of data captured during the hiring process.

This section is about initial creation of a job and configuration of a job phase to facilitate data capture and support your hiring activity. For information about tailoring your job listing and associated job details for advertising purposes, please refer to the Job Advertisement section of the user guide.

Each job must consist of one or more ‘Phases’. Within each phase, the job activities you require your candidates to complete can be configured across three stages:

  • Opening Bookends
  • Phase Activities
  • Closing Bookends

The opening and closing bookend stages provide an opportunity to collect important profile information about a candidate, request the upload of any required documentation, or to convey information to the candidate about the hiring or assessment process.

Please Note: Configuration of bookend stages are not necessary, but their use is advised for a good candidate experience. Default welcome, phase completion and job completion bookends will be shown if not configured.

The phase activities stage allows you to configure what must to be completed by the candidate in that job phase. For example, the assessments required by the profiler you are using to evaluate candidates.

There are 4 phase types available, which each play different roles in facilitating effective hiring decisions using the platform. Please refer to the Edit Job Phases guide for more information on phase types and phase configuration.

Once a job has been created, you can create a template from it, saving your configurations for future cloning. This is most useful tool if you have jobs that you hire for frequently, or where you have multiple jobs with similar attribute and skill requirements. You can also clone individual jobs where only a single copy is required, again removing the overhead involved in recreating the job.

Please Note: Created jobs are considered “Inactive” by default, to ensure no jobs are made public without direct input from an organisation admin, ensuring that you maintain full control over when jobs are made accessible to jobseekers.

The following “how to” guides are included in this section: