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Customise Organisation Brand and Visuals

Customising your organisation’s brand and visuals allows you to maintain consistent branding across the platform, in alignment with your brand values. There are five sections that can be updated in the brand and visuals section:

  • Organisation Logo: This is the main logo that represents the organisation. It is typically displayed on the navigation bar and visible on all the pages across the platform.
  • Jobs Page Background: This sets a background image to all the jobs created on the platform. This image can be use to represent your organisation and will be visible to all the candidates visiting the job application page.
  • Social Share Image: This sets a background image to all the posts made on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). The platform has a default image set but can be updated to represent your organisation on the social media.
  • Primary colour for header text and buttons: This sets the primary colour for the header text and buttons on the platform. It’s important to choose a colour that represents your organisation and is easy to read.
  • Sign in / Sign up page backgrounds: This allows the organisation to set up to 3 images which rotate in the background of the Cognisess sign in / sign up page every 5 seconds. This will give a dynamic look to the sign in and sign-up pages on the platform.

Please Note: The instructions regarding image resolution, format and file size are displayed on the Brand and Visuals section of the platform. Please refer to these instructions before uploading any images.


To complete this process:   

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account for the Users > Settings & Customisation > Settings permission (available to Administrators and above).

How to complete this flow:   

  1. In the navigation panel, go to Settings > Customisation > Brand and visuals

To upload a Logo, Job Page Background or Social Share Image:

  1. Click “Upload new” for the required image
  1. Select an image from your file system and click “Open”. The image will appear in the relevant section.

To define a primary colour:

  1. Enter a hex colour code in the textbox for Primary colour section

To upload sign in / sign up page backgrounds:

  1. Click “Upload image #” to upload the an image to be viewed on the Sign in/sign up pages.
  1. Select an image from your file system and click “Open”. The image will be uploaded and appear in the selected image slot.

To save the updates to visuals and primary colour:

  1. Click “Save changes” to apply the changes. The updated images and primary colour will now be reflected on the platform.