Digital Profile

Know your People.

Forget the backwards looking paper CV; it’s not fit for purpose for today’s candidates and hiring managers. Discover the talent and potential of your people in one place – a digital resume available 24/7 including video, scores and survey results.

Revolutionising the CV.

Revolutionising the CV.

We are replacing the outdated CV with an unbiased overview of a person’s real skills and potential. Everyone is given a uniform digital profile, populated with our deep insights and assessment results, as well as work history and personal information.


A new frontier in people management.

Download and share at a click of a button; our uniform digital profiles enable quick, unbiased, time and cost-efficient decision making.

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Reports and Analytics
Quickly see the skills and potential of each individual through custom built reports and analytics.
Fairer Assessment
Equal opportunities compliant. You can set the pace for individuals who need a little more time.
Personalised Insights
Give individuals access to insights about themselves. Improve your brand and deliver a candidate or employee experience that attracts top talent.
By using a uniform approach we mitigate bias in the hiring process. Each individual has the same means of presentation.
Two Factor Security
Fully Customisable
SLA and 24/7 Support
Integration Ready
Single Sign On
GDPR and ISO Compliant

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.