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Managing Candidates

Each job has an applicant tracking system (ATS) providing clear and collective oversight of your candidates’ progress through the hiring process. A number of features exist within the ATS that you can use to easily and effectively manage the movement, analysis, and appraisal of these candidates throughout the various ATS states.

You have a number of options over how to control movement of candidates through a job’s ATS. You can retain full manual control. Or you can utilise auto-stream functionality to process candidates into the “Rejected”, “Passed” and “On hold” states based on their performance against a set of predefined thresholds. Auto-stream functionality is a useful tool for processing candidates through the ATS at scale but can equally be used for smaller cohorts to remove any manual overhead if desired.

Auto-stream allows you to move candidates from the “Completed” state in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to the “Rejected”, “Passed” and “On hold” states, depending on whether the candidate’s profiler scores are above or below pre-configured thresholds.

Auto-stream conducts the initial movement of candidates based on their assessment performance to the appropriate ATS state, but you can manually intervene at any stage if required.

Please Note: Utilisation of auto-stream requires the application of a profiler to the ATS first (please refer to the Benchmarking section for more information on profilers).

Once a candidate has completed the job activities, the default ATS states in which they can be placed in are as follows:

  • Completed – candidates who have completed the assessment set but have not been manually or automatically moved into another state.
  • Passed – candidates who have been manually moved to passed, or candidates who have automatically been moved having met the Passed threshold.
  • On Hold – candidates who have been manually moved to On Hold for future review, or candidates who have automatically been moved having not met either Passed or Rejected threshold.
  • To Interview – candidates who have been manually moved for holding prior to a subsequent interview.
  • Offer Made – candidates who have been manually moved for whom an offer has been made.
  • Hired – candidates who have been manually moved who have been confirmed hired by the organisation.
  • Rejected – candidates who have been manually moved to rejected, or candidates who have automatically been moved having not exceed the Rejected threshold.

Automated reminders and notifications can be configured for each state (these can also be manually triggered) to facilitate effective communication to enhance candidate engagement in the hiring process.

Please Note: Candidate cannot be moved into or out of the ‘In Activity’ ATS phase.

Following completion of the prescribed activities, you can appraise each candidate individually to evaluate their qualifications and performance, and leave feedback, using a structured and consistent mechanism. Each candidate can be appraised by multiple hiring managers using this feature, and so this can be a useful tool for centralising the sharing and evaluation of a candidate cohort.

Additionally, following completion of any required video interview steps, a video appraisal feature allows you to provide centralised feedback on a candidate’s performance during the video interview stage.

The following “how to” guides are included in this section: