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Edit Email Templates

Cognisess has a selection of flows which involve sending out automated emails to users, such as
invitations to sign up to Cognisess and reminders to users to complete certain activities. These email
templates are fully customisable at the organisation level, providing you with control over the
content and branding in the communications received by your users.

All email templates can be populated with images, videos, and URLs. If required, you can style email
templates using standard markdown options as well as manually entering HTML.

The following email templates can be customised:

  • Account Invitation
  • Candidate – Application Completed
  • Quarantine – Results submission
  • Candidate – To Interview
  • Candidate – Rejected
  • Candidate – On Hold
  • Candidate – Offer Made
  • Candidate – Rejected (Auto)
  • General Email
  • Activity Invitation
  • PeopleSense Invitation
  • Survey Completion Reminder
  • Candidate – Restream to Yondur
  • Quarantine – Reminder to submit

Please Note: Cognisess default emails are translated into all languages that Cognisess offers. If an
email template is changed, then it will only display in the language the new text is written in.


To complete this process:

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account for the Users > Settings & Customisation > Settings permission (available to Administrators and above)

How to complete this flow

  1. Navigate to Settings > Communication > E-mail notifications using the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on the 3-ellipsis on the right-hand side of the email template for which you want to update to open the template options.
  3. Click on the “Edit” option to open the template editor.
  4. Use the text editor to edit the email template. Note that any text surrounded by a $ will be automatically filled with context specific information such as candidate name and the jobs name.
  5. Optionally, you can choose to edit the template in HTML mode by clicking the “” button. Editing in HTML mode allows you to add advanced styling to the email template.
  6. You can also enter your email at in the bottom left corner of the modal and click “Test” to send a test email to the address provided with the updated content. It is advised you do this whenever making changes to an email template.
  7. Click “Save” in the bottom right corner to complete the flow. The email will be saved and used in future when the email type is triggered by the Cognisess system