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Apply Job Auto Stream Settings

This function allows you to configure job specific auto stream settings, including desired thresholds for candidate progression through the ATS. Thresholds set will be automatically applied to instantly sort candidates into the relevant state for each threshold:

  • Passed
  • On Hold
  • Rejected

You should pick thresholds with the aim to reduce ATS admin workload to a suitable level as all candidates above the pass threshold will be automatically passed and all candidates below the fail threshold will be rejected.

The auto-stream functionality can be configured with 3 different levels of admin interaction:

  • Manual streaming: Auto processing of candidates must be triggered manually by a button that appears on the ATS. See Trigger auto stream in ATS flow.
  • Semi-Automatic streaming: Auto processing of the candidates must be first triggered manually by a button which appears on the ATS, after which any subsequent candidates are processed automatically when they complete the activity set. See “Trigger auto stream in ATS” flow.
  • Automatic streaming: All candidates are processed automatically when they complete the activity set.


To complete this process:

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account for the Users > Hiring > Jobs permission (available to Administrators or above)


  • if assigned to a specific job, you must have “Full access” granted for the Users > Hiring > Assigned jobs permission (available to Administrators and above).


  • A job must exist to apply the auto-stream settings to.
  • A primary profiler must be set on the job’s activity phase.

How to complete this flow:

  1. Navigate to Recruitment > Jobs in the navigation side panel.
  2. Click the 3-ellipsis on the required job tile, select the option “Edit job”.
  3. Navigate to the “Auto-stream” tab
  4. For any phase you want to enable Auto-streaming, switch the toggle to “On” to open the phase auto stream configuration dialog.
  5. To set the upper fail threshold and the lower pass threshold you can:
    • Drag the circular threshold indicators.
    • Note that you are setting the minimum score required to pass, and the fail ceiling score.
  6. Determine the type of streaming you want for the auto stream functionality to use.
  7. Click “Save” to apply auto stream settings to the job.

Please Note: Auto streaming will not work unless an activity has a primary profiler which is used to score candidates. When semi-automatic streaming is set and candidate auto processing is triggered, the auto-steam job settings will now report the stream settings as automatic, as opposed to semi-automatic. This reflects its change of behaviour to now processing candidates immediately after activity completion.