Performance Evaluator

Measure Performance, Drive Success.

Continuously monitor your employees to maximise productivity and job satisfaction.

How do your people stack up?

How do your people stack up?

We can help you understand how your people are performing throughout their employment cycles and use the data to predict future performance and increase productivity.

Data driven insight is the key to unlocking success.

With appraisal performance data we can help you:

  • make more informed decisions about future promotions
  • optimise internal mobility
  • create more cohesive teams
  • improve job satisfaction

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Employee Evaluator
Our built-in appraisal tool will guide your Heads of Department and their teams through a 'best-practice' appraisal process.
Group Evaluator
Send group appraisals to optomise teamwork, identify blind spots, and mitigate against potential conflict.
Candidate Evaluator
Customise and use to appraise and interview candidates. Store their data in one place alongside their digital profile.
Historic Log
Look back at historic appraisals to see where an individual has developed and identify any recurring problems or training gaps.
Two Factor Security
Fully Customisable
SLA and 24/7 Support
Integration Ready
Single Sign On
GDPR and ISO Compliant

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.