Why your Graduate
Assessment Centre
an overhaul
In a world with a far greater number and variety of graduates, a more sophisticated approach is required.
There will be 300 million graduates globally by 2030. Can your business recognise GREAT vs GOOD?
Cognisess: The Solution for Graduate Hiring

Use ethical AI + neuroscience to support your hiring

A great read in The Times surrounding 'AI for Business' – Read it here

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of the world's

Can operate the platform in their native language.

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Positive experience

Candidates rated their experience as positive.

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Prediction accuracy

Accuracy in successful predictions.

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Match between human rating and artificial intelligence.


The complete predictive people analytics platform

An expert in predictive people analytics, Cognisess provides the world’s most complete software platform for helping businesses identify, nurture and retain the workforce talent they need to remain successful. It’s all the predictive people analytics solutions you’ll ever need, in a single easy-to-use software platform.  Use the solutions that fit your business best, it might be all of them, it might be some. You choose.

Driven by a unique combination of data science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it brings you that extra confidence you need in making more informed, data-led human resource decisions.

Forward-thinking businesses of all shapes and sizes work with Cognisess.

Government bodies increasingly come to us for support with diversity and inclusion through people analytics, powered by Cognisess

Pascalle Ligtenberg | Founder
Ivy Works | The Netherlands

I am very pleased to say, that with the help of the Cognisess Development team, we have created a sharp and tailored platform that has met the needs of more than 1400 clients since October 2020. These clients can also continue to use this platform, as well as the newly built ‘Resume builder’ that allows them to update, change and grow as they take on the next chapter in their lives.

Glenn Roberts | Program Manager: Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers
Busy At Work | Australia

I love working with the Cognisess team, they have a good energy. Really pleasant people to work with, like dealing with old colleagues. We are exponentially enhancing our business and having fun at the same time.

Carlos Staut | Owner & Founder
The Staut Group | Brazil

We highly recommend Cognisess as a leading career assessment and development program that will benefit your internal and external stakeholders.

Sue Loch | Group General Manager, Stakeholder & Government Relations
BUSY Group | Australia


See how predictive people analytics can benefit your business