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Delete a Profiler

A profiler can be deleted if no longer required. You may want to do this if a profiler has been replaced with a new version more suitable to your needs or it is simply no longer required.


To complete this process:

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account on the Users > Benchmarking > Profilers permission (available to Administrators and above)
  • An existing profiler to delete.

How to complete this flow:

  1. In the navigation panel, go to Benchmarking > Profilers.
  2. Click the ellipsis on the profiler you want to delete to open a dropdown with options that can be selected for this profiler.
  3. Click the “Delete profiler” button to delete the profiler. Deleting the profiler will also remove it from all jobs and account lists it has been applied to.

Please note: Deleting profilers could impact functionality such as auto-stream for jobs to which the deleted profiler was previously applied.