Cognition Assessor

Can they Acquire the Skills you Need?

We evaluate over 60 aspects of mental ability to discover the true potential of your people.

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface

We provide a comprehensive battery of fun and easy to use assessments that measure cognition. From problem solving to reaction games, our assessments have been created by neuroscientists and use cutting-edge scientific theory.

Discover whether your people:

  • have the ability to learn the skills you need
  • can quickly acquire new skills
  • can become proficient at specific skills
  • have the potential to be a leader
  • are destined for success

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Our cognitive assesments are based on years of extensive research by leading neuroscientists, to offer Gold Standard Insights.
Our average user engagement is over 98%. Deliver an experience that attracts top talent.
Fast-paced, enjoyable and insightful. Automated processes that encourage the user to progress and move on through the assessment set.
Fun and enjoyable, which boosts user experience and encourages a high level of completion.
From a list of over 60, select a battery of assessments to identify exactly what you want to know. Then allow the user to set the pace.
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Fully Customisable
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Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.