Skills Mapper

Right Skills, Right Person, Right to Succeed.

Shape the future of your business by judging people on skill, not identity.

Do they have the skills you need?

Do they have the skills you need?

Using thousands of job descriptions and skillsets from internationally recognised job databases, we have trained our Artificial Intelligence to turn the subjective language of skills into objective data.


Map the right people to the right jobs at scale

With our robust and insightful data we can help you discover:

  • Which skills are missing in your organisation
  • What good looks like for any role
  • Who has the right skills for any job
  • How to replace people who leave or are off sick
  • Who you need to hire
  • What extra training is needed
  • How to enable optimal internal mobility

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

AI Powered
Adapting and learning every day to a constantly evolving skills market.
Out-of-the-box Skill Sets
Using thousands of skills from internationally recognised data bases. From hard skills to human skills. More are added every day.
Skills Profiler
Benchmark against ideal skills sets.
Team Skill Sets
Get a succinct overview of any teams combined skill set. Quickly discover any gaps.
Skills Matcher
Match the right people to the right jobs and optimise performance.
Skill Search
Search for specific skills in your organisation and learn how to effectively deploy them.
Skill Set Matrix
A visual representation of all your employees’ or candidates' skills in one place.
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