People First

The Ethical Imperative.

We are democratising human capital; enabling every individual and organisation to understand and enhance talent and potential.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

Principled & Human Centered


Data Collection

The journey to robust ethics begins with good data collection.  We collect voluntarily provided data from users and enable complete anonymity. We always let users know exactly how their data will be used and offer opportunities for users to view all personal results and insights.

Further information on our robust data handling practices can be seen in our privacy policy.

Reducing Bias



Cognisess assessments will never take protected characteristics into account when evaluating job candidates and employees.

The models we build have been carefully designed by psychologists and tested for adverse impact. We continually inspect the results of our benchmark models to ensure all people are getting a fair chance at every stage of assessment.

Those with disabilities can choose to disclose their status in order to receive accommodations to ensure equal opportunity during assessment. We will never disclose this information to employers without user consent.

Machine Learning

Addressing Bias in

Training Data

When building AI products, biased training data can produce biased models. To address this, we use rigorous testing and training environments to assess our own models and correct for any bias, before new assessments are released.

Further information can be found in our full Ethical AI policy

Adapting To Bias


With the Times

After an ethical model is built, it can still develop bias during its lifespan. We are committed to routinely checking our most frequently used models to be sure that they continue to produce fair results.  With constant feedback from our existing clients we ensure that only current, job-relevant characteristics are being measured. 

We recognise that culture evolves, and we are constantly adapting to the times. As each new project brings its own unique requirements, we welcome these challenges to ensure our platform works for all types of people, all around the globe.

GDPR Compliant

Legislation and

Standards Followed

Cognisess is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant in how we collect and handle data. We also follow the guidelines of many different employment protection laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), the Equality Act 2010 (UK), and the Employment Equality Framework Directive (EU, 2000). 


Wherever your business is located, we will do our best to ensure that all applicable data handling and employee protection regulations are followed. And since the use of AI is still relatively unlegislated, Cognisess strives to set high ethical standards in our field.

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.