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Convert a Job to a Template

Converting a job to a template allows you to baseline a job configuration for cloning. This feature can save time and effort when creating multiple new jobs requiring the same configuration. All information and settings related to the original job will be retained in the templated version.

Please Note: The original job is not retained once it is templated. To ensure no hiring data is lost, if the original job is an active one it is advised to make a clone first, and then use the clone to create the job template.


To complete this process:  

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account for the Users > Hiring > Jobs permission (available to Administrators or above).


  • If assigned to a specific job, you must have “Full access” granted for the Users > Hiring > Assigned jobs permission (available to Administrators or above).

How to complete this flow:   

  1. In the navigation panel, go to Recruitment > Jobs.  
  2. Click on the job title to open the job ATS page
  3. Click the “Convert to template” button
  4. Enter the required Job Code and Description into the free text fields. You can add multiple job codes and descriptions. Click the “Convert” button to convert the job to a template.
  5. The template will be added to templates tab on the Jobs page.