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Register an Organisation

You can add new Organisations to the Cognisess platform when you need to extend access to a group
of users requiring a unique company domain.

Please Note: When creating an organisation, an Employee must also be assigned as the first
Organisation Super User. Partner Admins retain access to all registered organisations within the
partner to maintain oversight and manage the application of partner-level settings across all


To complete this process:

  • You must have full access to the Partner > Partner Organisation Details permission (available to Partner Admins only).

How to complete this flow

  1. Click the “Partner Admin” link on the navigation bar
  2. Click “Register new organisation
  3. Enter the following mandatory organisation registration details:
  4. Organisation name – Free text
    • Sector – Select from drop down
    • Organisation size – Select from drop down
    • Subdomain – Free text; Note this must be lowercase
    • Website – Free text; Note the URL must include the HTTPS:// prefix
  5. Click “Continue” to complete the step
  6. Enter the following details for a designated Organisation Super User:
    • First Name – Free text
    • Surname – Free text
    • Work e-mail address – Free text
  7. Click “Send Invite” to create the organisation and send an invite to the first Organisation Super User