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Clone a Job

Cloning a job allows you to create a new job with the same configuration as a pre-existing job. This feature can save time and effort when creating a new job that has the same, or similar requirements to an existing one. All information and settings related to the original job will be retained in the cloned version. One of the main uses of cloning a job is to create a job by cloning a template you have created previously allowing you to ensure job listings are consistent across your organisation.

Please Note: Any active or inactive job can be cloned and by default the cloned job will be inactive and will have to be made active manually. Please refer to the ‘Make a Job Active’ flow.


To complete this process:

  • You must have “Full access” granted to your account for the Users > Hiring > Jobs permission (available to Administrators or above).


  • If assigned to a specific job, you must have “Full access” granted for the Users > Hiring Assigned jobs permission (available to Administrators or above).

How to complete this flow:  

  1. In the navigation panel, go to Recruitment > Jobs. 
  2. Click the 3-ellipses for the job to be cloned and select “Clone”.  Note for a template, this text is instead “Use for a new Job”.
  3. Alternatively, click on the job to be cloned and select “Clone job” on the ATS screen.
  4. Edit the role information for the new, cloned job:
    • Role title (mandatory) – Free text entry. Dates (mandatory) – Click on the date field to open a calendar view. Select the required date range and click submit. Note that the date range entered will impact whether the job can be made active, or will be added to the “Upcoming” list of jobs.
  5. Click “Clone” to create the new job.