Team Fit

Beyond the Individual.

Understand how to get the very best out of your people, not just as individuals but as collective teams.

The sum of the parts

The sum of the parts

Give your leaders valuable insights by understanding not only the skills and abilities of your individual people but how they work with others; how they think and operate together and how your teams can perform better than any one person.

Know a new employee fits in a team before they even start.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology our new Team Fit tool will give you predictive insights that will set you apart from the competition and help you keep the best talent.

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Team Identifier
Define the key teams within your organisation, from the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership teams to departmental teams and project teams.
Leardership Support
Enable leaders and facilitators to understand their teams to optimise team behaviour and productivity.
Team Matrix Planner
Supports and automates the complete planning, doing and reviewing cycle of all your teams.
Diversity Enabler
Identify the degree of cognitive diversity in your teams. Discover how diverse thinkers can effectively work together to optimise performance, innovation and creativity.
Team Profiler
Understand how your team prefers to think and work. Quickly identify any blind-spots they may have.
Insight Sharer
Download full PDF reports to share across departments and offer insights to all talent managers.
Two Factor Security
Fully Customisable
SLA and 24/7 Support
Integration Ready
Single Sign On
GDPR and ISO Compliant

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.