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Cognisess Deep Learn™

The intelligent engine behind everything we do.

The force that underpins our predictive HR Analytics.

Our Artificial Intelligence


Deep Learn™ Model

Through our Cognisess user platform, we measure cognitive abilities, behaviour patterns, personality traits, and core skills. This generates a lot of data, which is where DeepLearn™ comes in: learning, absorbing and reacting to multiple information streams; turning complex data into personalised insights.


With DeepLearn™ you can:


  • Make highly informed, real-time decisions based on robust data
  • Make objective unbiased people decisions
  • Select new talent quickly and accurately
  • Customise selection to your organisation and key roles
  • Learn how to retain the best talent
  • Discover how to develop potential
  • Equip your people to perform at their best
  • Predict future performance 
  • Create long term data driven insight that continues to develop and add value with time

Right Skills, Right Person, Right to Succeed.

Machine Learning

Deep Learn™

Skills Mapper

The perfect example of DeepLearn™ in action.

With DeepLearn we have trained our Artificial Intelligence, COGSkills, to understand the language of both hard and soft skills, using internationally recognised jobs databases.

The genius of COGSkills is that it turns the subjective language of skills into objective data, to create skills maps that will: Save time, reduce bias, and improve decision making.

These intelligent maps can:

  • Pinpoint the ideal skills required for any job
  • Score and rank people based on their skills match
  • Assess skills based on the frequency and recency of use
  • Learn how closely skills need to be matched for success
  • Recommend relevant skills to people looking to develop
  • Continue to learn as more bespoke jobs and skills are added

It is already an innovative tool that is set to change the world of work and with time it will grow and develop alongside the people whose full potential it unleashes. 

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