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Benchmarking Setup

Setting up your benchmarking tools is imperative for full and effective utilisation of the Cognisess platform.

Any candidate or employee can be rated against a benchmarking profiler.

These customisable profilers give you full autonomy over the benchmarks you want to use during your hiring processes and talent management initiatives. They will support you in identifying the best individuals for a role or where skills gaps exist within your existing employee pool.

There are five types of profilers that provide unique methods with which to benchmark candidates and employees:

  • People-based – created based on the attribute scores of one or more users
  • Competency-based – created based on a pre-defined collection of attributes known as competencies
  • Career or Job-based – created based on attributes identified as desirable for a specific job or career
  • Skills-based – created based on specific skills and associated experiences
  • Manual – attributes, and their associated importance and thresholds, selected and fully configured by you

Most profilers are manually or pre-configured models which are based on a combination of the following attributes:  cognitive, behavioural, emotional, skills, and social.

You can assign each attribute an importance and threshold score, as follows,

  • Importance – indicates the weight that should be put on a particular attribute.

Note that it is an arbitrary scale in that the weights are set relative to each other – for instance if attribute one is given an importance of 4, and attribute two an importance of 2, attribute two is half as important as attribute one.

  • Threshold – indicates the minimum performance expectation of a user against that attribute. The % value represents the percentile score the candidate must reach on that attribute to be considered above the required threshold.

This attribute-specific threshold data is presented in the ATS to inform hiring decisions but isn’t used for automatic pass / fail.

This scoring allows you to configure the desired benchmark to a high level of detail.

For the skills profiler there is a specific set of thresholds to define:  

  • Years of Experience – total number of years the skill has been practised
  • Recency – how recently the skill was practiced
  • Frequency – how often the skill was practiced

All profilers can be applied in multiple areas across the platform to provide detailed user insights against your pre-defined benchmarks (refer to Insights section for more information).

The following “how to” guides are included in this section: