Understanding People

It's What We Do Best

Our assessments measure all the key markers of success. From cognition and personality to both hard and soft skills. They are the scientifically robust substance to all our solutions.

The Holistic Approach

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Whole Person

We understand that people are complex. Judging them on just a few attributes, irrelevant characteristics, or their identity is ineffective and unacceptable.

That is why our assessments are built on a robust foundation of neuroscience and psychology and evaluate more than 120 attributes that are vital markers of genuine success.


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Ready for Everyone


Human Potential

Our mission is to make Gold Standard people analytics accessible to all: one platform with everything you need to understand your people.

We have also raised the bar by putting user experience at the heart of everything we do. Our assessments are fun, quick, affordable and easy-to-interpret.

Ready to Go

Rapid Insights

At Scale

Our assessments are ready to use straight away by anybody and at scale. We can give you game-changing insights about thousands of people in just a matter of hours.

One Platform. One Source of Truth. One Holistic View.

Right Skills, Right to Succeed

Choosing Skills

Not Identity

Use our assessments platform to help you remove bias, select the best people for new roles, and unlock the true potential of all your people.

  • Quickly identify the skills people have
  • Match skills to any role
  • Establish potential for acquiring new skills
  • Uncover skill set gaps
  • Discover how people can effectively use their skills
  • Get the best out of your companies skill sets

Existing Skills + Skills Potential + Motivation = Success

Our Assessments

Skills Mapper
Skills Mapper
Do they have the skills you need? Use AI to uncover hard and soft skills.
Cognition Assesor
Cognition Assesor
Can they acquire the skills you need? Measure brain power. Measure potential.
Personality Profiler
Personality Profiler
How will they use their skills? Discover how to get the best out of people and motivate for success.
Career Match
Career Match
Match the right people to the right jobs. Create job satisfaction and increase productivity.
Team Fit
Team Fit
Discover if they will fit before they even start. Find out how to optimise team performance and belonging.
Video Analyser
Video Analyser
Use powerful AI to discover underlying skills and understand what people really think and feel.

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.