Video Analyser

AI Driven Insights.

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence to discover underlying skills and understand what people really think and feel.

Know your People

Know your People

Our AI driven video analytics tool measures facial expressions and language. It assesses expressiveness, positivity, resilience, confidence, control, integrity, persuasion, verbal complexity and emotional range. A powerful feature to add to our battery of assessments and really understand the core skills of your people.

Unbiased interviewing
made easy.

Not only does our cutting-edge video feature take the bias out of the interview process, it allows you to screen at scale and fully assess everyone without costly face-to-face interviews.

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

AI Powered
Using Deep Learn™, we are able to measure different facets of behaviour and emotion based on facial expressions and language used.
Ask the questions you want answers to. Evaluate people for the precise skills you need.
Interview anywhere. The ultimate convenience for the interviewee, especially during multi-phase hiring processes.
Insight Sharer
Videos and insight reports are easily shareable. Effortlessly exchange information to get the best out of the data.
Bias Reducer
Ask each individual the same job-relevant questions. Streamlining the process and and minimising bias.
Remote interview at scale: save time and cost by optimising the productivity of your talent managers.
Two Factor Security
Fully Customisable
SLA and 24/7 Support
Integration Ready
Single Sign On
GDPR and ISO Compliant

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.