Personality Profiler

Magnify Human Potential.

Understand who your people really are by assessing personality and characteristic behaviors. Get the best out of their skill sets, and create belonging.

See the Whole Person.

See the Whole Person.

Using two robust and complimentary schools of thought our team of psychologists have built a cutting-edge tool that measures 30 facets and 16 types of personality, to give a deep and insightful understanding of your people.

We break down the complex science into understandable insights

Our platform produces easy-to-interpret reports  that will help you:

  • Deliver on diversity of thought

  • Optimise team performance

  • Maximise skill sets

  • Identify blind spots

  • Create personal development programmes

  • Successfully manage change

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Job Fit
Discover how suited any individual is to a particular role and if they will enjoy the work.
Skill Set Optimiser
Get the best out of peoples’ skills by maximising preferred behaviours.
Personal Development
Spot blind spots and provide personal development to help people with the things they don’t like doing.
Team Fit
Find out how people can work effectively in teams or groups and how to optimise diversity of thought.
Change Management
Identify how people might cope with change and how to successfully help them through it.
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Fully Customisable
SLA and 24/7 Support
Integration Ready
Single Sign On
GDPR and ISO Compliant

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.