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Sound Issues – Unable to hear the assessment

If you are using a MAC please see > How to Fix the Sound on a Mac Computer (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Things to check if you are using a PC:

  1. Check your sound volume
    On a PC> Locate the speaker icon to the left of the system clock, which is usually at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Check the volume is not on mute.
  1. Open volume mixer to check the volume settings
    On a PC > Right-click the volume Volume icon and select Open Volume Mixer. The volume mixer allows you adjust the volume for individual apps.
  1. Check the volume on your connected speaker.
    If using a speaker or headset that has its own volume control, make sure the volume is turned up
  2. Make sure the audio input is correct.
The sound could be playing through a different device. Click the volume icon on the taskbar once with the left mouse button, and then click the audio device you want to listen through.
If you don’t see the Bluetooth device you’re trying to listen through, you may need to reconnect to it.

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