Women Could Wait Decades for an ADHD Diagnosis

Focus on the 'person', not the 'gender'.

As the BBC reported recently there is still bias around diagnosing conditions like ADHD for women and men coming to terms with mental health conditions. 

Why do we still see big differences in diagnosis or acceptance? 

Is there any reason why a woman should not have the same ADHD diagnosis from a doctor that a man has? At least go through the same checks and protocols and make the diagnosis without the gender lens. 

Is it just lazy thinking, institutional bias and corporate intertia? 

For the most part I think it is – we know there is no real difference between male and female brains – more just a difference between ‘people’ – impacted in large part by their environment and culture. 

It is frustrating that in 2021 we are still separating people into ‘gender’ to assess mental health conditions. 

Chris Butt

Chris Butt

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