What can employers learn about emerging talent to drive better hiring strategies?

What can employers learn about emerging talent to drive better hiring strategies?

Our very own CEO Chris Butt is involved in the in-person panel debate for The HR World’s ‘Culture Clash’ on June 9th. The panel will be looking at how to build a better workforce for the future. 

There is a lot to learn about engaging, hiring, and retaining young talent. This debate, in collaboration with The HR World, University of Bristol and TechSpark will be a great way of learning about what is working – and what’s not. We know Chris, alongside the other brilliant panellists, will provide a very interesting insight on this.


Tickets are limited but still available here, don’t miss out! https://lnkd.in/ezW9Jq4K


Understanding and nurturing the talent, potential and skills of all employees and job seekers, in a rapidly changing world is now a priority for all organisations. Many people are in roles they don’t enjoy, company cultures they disagree with or are simply not job matched to their talent, potential and skillset. The fact is everyone has both ‘talent & potential’ and understanding how people navigate the most challenging environments can support how we can generalise in a team or corporate setting.

For too long most people have not had the opportunity to access validated assessments to help them understand who they are – to reveal one’s talent, potential and the human and hard skills they possess – which allow us to find the right role, team, or career pathway. We are changing this at Cognisess and Yondur with access to over 50 games, assessments, and questionnaires – measuring cognition to personality, from values to behaviour.

Regardless of age, background, ethnicity, or gender – access to affordable skills assessment is part of the ‘Future of Work’ and the end of lazy bias and inequality. We don’t underestimate the enormity of this challenge and are a long way off a magic solution – but this is the start of democratising ‘skills capital’ and ensuring this is front and centre in hiring and employee performance.


Those businesses who embrace a growth mindset and accept all generations have plenty to bring to the table and will flourish.

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