We need to talk about Generation Z

Join us for a free webinar series starting on the 15th of November. Where a panel of experts will unpick, debate, and highlight opportunities for engaging with Gen Z, and some of the unique challenges facing employers right now.

Can we create greater equality of opportunity by understanding what is most important to younger people today?

Our panelists will explore:

  • Why more thoughtful engagement of young and emerging talent is strategically important for the future of business

  • How the new world of serving all stakeholders might shape the future of employment opportunity and equality

  • How we can better understand the diverse needs of our younger workforce to create more engaging skill and competency development for more inclusive business growth

Hopeful, anxious, hardworking, and searching for inspiration – It’s estimated that 20% of the UK workforce fall into the Generation Z age bracket

As of 2020, Millennials and younger generations outnumber older generations – Gen Z made up 18.8% of UK population in 2019 – that’s 12.6 million people and they see the world differently to generations that came before.

As they step into the workplace, they redefine the future of work – and businesses are re-evaluating how to help them on that journey.

How well do you know the young people in your organisation? How are businesses supporting their young employees to navigate the future of work?

The GROW webinar series (3 topics, 3 sessions) explores some of the challenges and motivations facing young people and their employers, and importantly considers what they seek to help them grow and succeed in life.

Are we developing our young employees as we should be? Are existing early career initiatives supporting young employees effectively? Are extrinsic learning and training approaches outdated; setting young people up for less than they deserve? Is the help and growth they warrant designed with their post-pandemic needs in mind and considerate of future business growth?

Over three live webinars, our expert GROW panellists unpick, debate and highlight some of the unique challenges facing young employees and organisations right now – we consider the rapid changes that businesses need to make in order to create profound impact on the future growth and development of our workforce and we explore the under-appreciated power of relationships, opportunities and independence for this potentially burgeoning group.

Why Attend?

Anyone working in or interested in the evolution of early or emerging careers, internships, apprenticeships, graduate schemes, recruitment and retention, talent initiatives, learning and development or the development of a team will benefit from joining this webinar series.

Do you want your say?

Fancy joining the debate?

We are also carrying out a survey to find out what employers really think about Gen Z.

We want to get under the skin of how Gen Z are really perceived in the workplace; to illuminate perceptions and help people and leaders better understand the challenges and solutions for the future of work.

If you can take the time to complete the survey, we’ll make sure you get first sight of the insights paper when we publish it early in the new year.

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