Translating Cognisess into 52 languages with bespoke AI. All in a day’s work.  

From 52 to 6500 global languages. Connecting our planet through understanding.

We work with clients all over the world, discussing issues that can range from favourite biscuit type to increasing skills fluidity and boosting company growth. 

From Lima to Loughborough, Porto to Portsmouth, one thing that constantly changes is language. 

When you consider how each region within even one country speaks, it becomes clear how complicated conversations can be when dealing with the intricacies of the human mind and culture.

We realised if we want to truly meet people where they are and provide the benefits of our platform to as many people as possible, we must continue to create meaningful accessibility. 

The challenge was laid down and – not content with just doing the day job – our ‘Chief Technologist’ Alex Hultin has designed a bespoke piece of AI to translate our Cognisess skills engine into an incredible 52 different languages (and counting!). 

As soon as we started to think of how to connect in different geographies, it was clear we would be well served to create the translation system ourselves

Dr. Alex Hultin
Chief Technology Officer

Building a translation AI from scratch

It might seem like an ambitious thing to do – to create a whole translation system ourselves. But at Cognisess we spend a lot of time considering the differences between people – we uncover a lot of ‘quirks’ of expression and culture. 

So, it was vital for us to create a multilingual program that didn’t just do a word-for-word translation, but worked in the context of our skills engine and was meaningful to the people who would use it.

This meant building an AI to interpret the nuances of language and cultural communication in the context of skills.

It is still a work in progress – and we are some way off translating it into the world’s 6500-plus languages. But 52 languages is a great start… and now we have built the system the sky’s the limit.

Just one of Cognisess’s many cutting-edge initiatives to improve understanding amongst our people on a global scale.

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