The top skills needed in 2020 and how you can assess candidates for them

Although every role requires different abilities, some skills are essential regardless of the job. 

LinkedIn has analysed millions of job postings from every industry to identify the most transferable skills. These include: 

  • Communication 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Operations 
  • Analytical Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management 
  • Presentations 
  • Marketing 
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership

Perhaps a few of these skills are required in the positions you’re currently recruiting for. But how can you assess thousands of candidates for these skills? Although an applicant might effectively write about their excellent problem-solving skills, you may discover later on that they don’t possess this ability. This is time that could have invested in a more suitable candidate and money that could have been spent on a better hire. 

Our award-winning platform has over 60 scientifically-backed games that can assess a variety of cognitive abilities, personality attributes and workplace skills such as numeracy. This also includes a few of the most sought after transferable skills LinkedIn has identified. 

Problem Solving 

This skill is essentially the ability to identify a task and break it down into achievable components. Whatever role you’re recruiting for, problem-solving skills will be essential, from solving customer complaints or fixing a technical issue. Ensuring new hires have strong problem-solving skills is critical to keeping an organisation running effectively. 

Our problem-solving assessment tests a candidate’s ability to solve a problem in a certain number of moves with an added time constraint. This allows you to observe how well a candidate can solve a situation under pressure, and how considered each of their decisions are. The assessment enables you to understand each candidate’s actual problem-solving abilities. 


In this challenging time it is essential to have strong leaders who can lead your company to success.  Finding leadership qualities in the early stages of the recruitment process can be challenging. Selecting the most promising candidates early on will increase your chances to hire the best talent later on.

People who possess leadership qualities like creating and carrying out business projects. These people like to take action rather than thinking about a task for an extended period. 

Our scientifically backed personality assessment can identify leadership traits. The assessment is based on the Big Five Personality Traits, which are the building blocks of everyone’s personality.  

It is also important to invest in your current talent. TINYpulse found that employees who feel they’re progressing in their career are 20% more likely to be still working at their companies in a year’s time. By using our career interest assessment, you will be able to identify employees who would be interested in leadership roles. You can then encourage them to apply for future leadership roles at your company. 

Communication and Presentation Skills

In the age of remote working, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate with your colleagues and clients through email or Zoom meetings. Being able to present effectively to sell a product or deliver a project to your manager is also useful in this ‘new normal’ to engage and hold their listener’s attention. Therefore, it is essential to test these skills in the recruitment process. 

In our Ask me and Meet Me features candidates record themselves answering several questions that have been set by the company. This tool is particularly beneficial to observe how candidates present themselves and understand what sort of first impression they give.  

Over half of communication is non-verbal, so our DeepLearnTM Video Analysis tool analyses each person’s face frame by frame for attributes such as positivity, confidence and resilience. This tool is a simple way to meet everyone in your candidate pool and observe how they present themselves. 

These skills are relevant to most roles, and you can easily implement these tools across the jobs you are recruiting for. If there are any essential skills or abilities that you look for in your recruitment please contact us. Our expert team will be able to recommend the relevant assessments that will help you recognise talent and enable potential.