Talent Managers: are you a Dodo or a Phoenix?

As we are coming out of hibernation the landscape of work has changed and businesses need to transform their talent management practices to keep up.

Talent Managers who can reimagine themselves as Skills Managers will be the ones who rise from the ashes.

In the ‘current climate’ there are 3Rs that everyone is struggling with: 

Recruit – Where do I find people with the right set of skills? Where do I find people who can quickly and reliably acquire new skills?

Retain – How do I stop the skills drain from my organisation? 

Redeploy – How do I optimise my skills mix across the organisation? 

You have got no chance of answering these if you don’t know first of all:

  1. What skills do I need across the organisation?
  2. What skills do my people have?

So Talent Managers and TA Professionals, do you really have these answers? Where do you plan to start? 

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