Solving Inequality. Time for Action.

Acting on Diversity and Inclusion is predicted to be one of the biggest HR trends for 2022.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters

In 2020 McKinsey released a report showing that diversity, equity and inclusion really do matter. With data from over 1,000 companies they showed that more diverse businesses are more profitable.

Since then there has been a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion, but unfortunately just talking about it doesn’t create change. We are all guilty of writing grand reports or mission statements that say we stand for equality; but just writing it on the wall is no longer enough.

HR guru David Green has stated that 2022 is the year to actually do something about it.

How can we turn Lip Service into Action?

The reality is that people are biased to cultural cues such as age, gender, race and background. It is human nature. But the good news is that machines are not.

Using a powerful combination of machine learning, psychology and neuroscience we can judge people purely based on their skills and potential, not their identity. It is a clear and effective way of fighting back against inequality.

The Cognisess platform provides a complete solution for measuring all aspects of a person; from cognitive ability and personality to soft and hard skills. One platform and one clear solution for removing bias when hiring or managing an existing workforce.


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