Positively Impacting the Lives of 30 million People

Cognisess partners with IHG Hotels & Resorts to provide hard and human skills matching in new flagship Academy programme.

Cognisess helps  businesses identify, nurture and retain their workforce talent.  We are partnering with IHG Hotels & Resorts in the launch of their new IHG Skills Academy. The hospitality programme provides free online education, courses and opportunities for people looking to build their confidence and get employment ready.

Instead of measuring age, gender and race, Cognisess’s AI-driven software measures talent potential and human skills.

We are so pleased to have collaborated with IHG Hotels & Resorts on the launch of the new IHG Skills Academy. Having worked with them for several years now and witnessed first-hand the benefit of the IHG Academy, we are excited to follow the journey of the IHG Skill Academy and how it will support hundreds of thousands of people over the next decade in finding employment and training opportunities. With 6,000 hotels in over 100 countries, IHG are proud to be at the heart of so many communities and recognise the responsibility and opportunity to make a difference. The Academy programme has been invaluable in connecting IHG hotels with their communities, providing thousands of jobs and opportunities over more than 15 years.

Instead of measuring age, gender and race, Cognisess’s AI-driven software measures talent potential and human skills. Helping people to better understand who they are. With these insights, applicants from all backgrounds develop the life-changing skills and confidence they need to get hired.

The evolution of the programme follows our long-term partnership with IHG, which began in 2016. Cognisess’ leading AI technology, Deep LearnTM, was integrated into IHG’s prestigious Future Leaders programme to support management in making better decisions, removing bias from recruitment and saving time and money. By objectively assessing an applicant’s cognitive and emotive attributes the best talent was hired regardless of age, gender or race. Eliminating potential bias by 93.75%.

The IHG Skills Academy was originally launched in 2004 as the IHG Academy, offering valuable work experience and life skills through hospitality internships and placements across the globe. The new, expanded programme works with IHG’s partner, Learning Pool, and national and international organisations such as St. Mungo’s, Barnardo’s and Only a Pavement Away to give skills and employment support to those who face barriers to education and training. With the aim of improving the lives of 30 million people by 2030.

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