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Our People, Your People

The Cognisess Partner and Affiliate Programme helps you respond to a primed market by offering a credible, data-led extension to your Human Resources Consultancy. Our platform is an end-to-end solution devised to better understand people, by assessing both hard and soft skills through games-based assessments.

What being a Cognisess partner means for you

Meet your hiring, internal mobility, up-skilling and talent-retention needs on one complete, easy to use and fully supported platform.

We offer a range of Affiliate and Partner options to suit the type of business you are and the level of support you need.

If you want to white label our solutions, our Partner Programmes have the flexibility to work with you in the way that you need.

We take the time to get to know you, your business, your teams and your customers and benchmark accordingly.

Our marketing team and account managers offer all the collateral and training you need to find success.

The optional addition of our Consultancy function allows you to access to world-class knowledge, skill, advice and support at every stage of the process.

“Cognisess is evolving the way the world hires and develops people. Our platform and solutions are intended to support organisations and their people at a more fundamental and personal level – providing insight, objectivity, and freedom from outdated ways of working.

We work with partners who think and feel the same. Partners who want to make a difference in their markets and with their customers. Partners who want change and something better for people and society.”

Chris Butt, CEO Cognisess July 2021

Cognisess Partners & Affiliates

Tier 1 : Referral Affiliate

Become a Referral Affiliate and you’ll earn commission on all successful sales referrals.

By recommending our leading people analytics and HR solutions within your network, including your customers, suppliers and partners, you will earn commission for every qualifying referral.

Cognisess will compensate Referral Affiliates for referrals that result in a software license sale. This is a partnership that benefits you, us and the organisation you refer.


Tier 2 : Reseller or Value-Added Reseller Partner

Resellers and value-added resellers purchase a product or service from Cognisess and sell it to end-users for a profit. Of course the words “purchase” and “sell” are used loosely here; in today’s cloud world, this could really mean “rent” or “host”.

Typically, a reseller will brand the product as their own and not reveal the parent company to customers but that’s at your discretion.

The benefit of this relationship is profit and business growth for both the vendor and the reseller.


Tier 3 : Territory Partner

As a Territory partner, you will have a deeper, bilateral relationship with Cognisess. We will devise a partner program which lays out the expectations and benefits of such a relationship. Cognisess will be able to offer more time to Territory partners for our mutual success.

Together, we will expand the products and solutions to become a one-stop-shop that encourages long-term commitments. Our partnership will enjoy consistent communication, shared marketing materials, ongoing involvement in the product, and more.


Tier 4 : Strategic Partner

When Cognisess and a company agree to work together and share physical and/or intellectual resources, we form a strategic partnership. The relationship is usually formalised by a non- standard (negotiated) contract or Heads of Terms. This type of agreement aims to help both parties accomplish their goals.

Depending on our mutual needs, Cognisess can team up with a strategic marketing partner, a strategic integration partner, or a strategic supplier.


We should talk.

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