Mercer Global Talent Trends Study 2021

Mercer Global Talent Trends highlighted the following trends which varied sharply in 2020 an provides an insight how businesses can set themselves apart from competition in 2021.

Focus on Futures – Sought action on the gender pay gap to begin to rid businesses of gender-bias. This made companies more aware of people’s health and communicating transparently. And overall further enabled businesses to support diversity and inclusion. 

Race to Re-Skill – The biggest opportunity and challenge of this decade. With job security concerns at an all-time high, companies need to recognise the importance of up-skill and re-skill. 

Sense with Science – The importance of data is becoming evident. The importance of upholding ethical practices on AI and analytics and how people analytics can give you a full view of those within your workforce. 

Energise the Experience – During COVID the need to inspire people with an energising and empathetic employee experience became clear. Staying ahead of this will require focusing on the long-term view – recognising and enabling the talent in your workplace is key. 

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