Introducing Team Dynamics

We have created a brand new tool for helping teams work better together.

Our new Team Dynamics tool analyses the unique psychological make-up of any team. Providing personalised strategies to help teams better:

Understand each other
Build relationships
Identify blind spots
Resolve conflict

“Since using Team Dynamics I find I understand my team in ways I never knew were possible. It has fundamentally
changed the way we work
previous participant

For those already using our platform for internal talent management, the tool is already part of your package. We can set up a series of workshops to show you how to use it, no previous qualifications required. Once you are set up the tool is designed to be used again and again on any of your teams, no psychologist needed.

For those not yet signed up to our platform we can provide a one off day-long session to try out the tool on any team from 5-15 people.

Clear here for our full Team Dynamics Day brochure.


Your people are at the heart of everything you do.

But not all people and teams are the same.

Some teams are  cognitively homogenous – i.e., they all think the same. These teams get on well but are likely to be less innovative. Team Dynamics allows you to discover  if you have a cognitively homogenous team and if so, it provides unique strategies for how you avoid “group think” and mitigate against blind spots.

On the other hand, some teams are cognitively diverse. Such teams have been proven to be more innovative, creative, inclusive, high performing, and risk aware. But such teams are more prone to conflict. Team Dynamics will help these teams to trust each other’s differences, seek healthy oposition and fulfill their potential.

Team Dynamics can be used at any stage, to help any team, have a more fulfilled, productive, and enjoyable work experience.

If you are going through a major change or transformation, then understanding your team’s dynamics is vital for success. 70% of business transformation fail and this is mostly due to the people not being on board.

If you’d like to know how to better help your people through change, you can download our free guide: how to use Team Dynamics in a merger or major business transformation.

For believers in human potential.

“Because everyone deserves to do a job they enjoy and to be properly understood by thier leaders and managers” Dr. Jared Skey, Cognisess CGO

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