Why your Graduate Assessment Centre Needs an Overhaul

You already know that hiring graduates makes sense, but are you hiring the right candidates for your company and future success? It turns out that in today’s world there is a lot more to consider than academic qualifications and CVs. That is why our team have put together this white paper:

Read the paper to discover how to identify quality candidates from a pool of thousands, in today’s dynamic world.

Most graduate hiring is still stuck in a system that worked 40 years ago; a cold war era when graduates formed just 5% of the population and usually worked their way up to a senior position in one (or just a few) companies.

The world of work has fundamentally changed since then. Positions are becoming ever more dynamic and flexible and there is now a much wider range of graduate roles and a pool of talent that is magnitudes bigger. Traditional methods based on academic achievement and CVs no longer work.

To get the graduates that will work well for your company it is now vital to consider a candidates, values, potential, skills, cognition, and behaviours. How they will fit within your company, how they can dynamically move between roles based on their skillset, personality, and potential, and how to nurture a true culture of belonging.

The good news is that there are ways that this can easily and accurately be done at scale. In 21st century there is no need to be stuck in the old ways.

Download our White Paper for free to find out more.

Or get in touch to find out companies from Coca Cola to IHG hotels are using our holistic platform to sustainably match and support graduates in new roles at scale.

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