Cognisess ‘first of its kind’ talent retention platform

West of England Combined Authority has put together a number of initiatives to support businesses in our region to recover from the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Our recruitment app, Yondur has been identified as a tool to help keep talent within the region. Yondur will be developed as WECA’s ‘Regional Talent Retention Platform’.


Yondur, developed by Cognisess, is a tool for individuals to identify their skills, compile a sophisticated digital CV, career match and ultimately match with jobs.  A range of assessments are presented as a series of games which measure both ‘hard’ skills such as mental arithmetic and spelling and ‘soft’ skills, like emotional intelligence.  The Regional Talent Retention Platform, once developed, will use similar assessments to identify displaced talent within the region and re-distribute that talent locally.


Intended Users of the Platform:  

  • Employees at risk of or who are being made redundant
  • Employees looking for employment in their existing role/ sector
  • Employees looking for employment in a new role/ sector
  • Businesses at risk of or that are making employees redundant
  • Businesses with workforce pressures aiming to avoid or minimise redundancies
  • Businesses with a recruitment requirement
  • Practitioners supporting businesses and or employees to use the platform.

Cognisess’ CEO Chris Butt impresses that:

“Replacing the CV with Yondur – a more meaningful, engaging and objective digital passport – will support job seekers across the region find the roles and career opportunities that best match their talent & potential. There are significant changes happening in society and the economy, due to Covid, that now require a fresh approach to hiring and nurturing the region’s human capital. 


We are excited to work with WECA and local employers to build the tools that will support their ambitions to scale and keep people in the West Country. We’ve so much to offer as a region but retaining and supporting talent begins with finding the right job and career path and Yondur will be the marketplace.”

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