The Enterprise Guide to Creating a Skills-based Organisation

Understanding skills is the #1 priority for HR leaders in 2022. That said, knowing that skills matching is vital and doing it well, are two very different things. That is why our team have put together this practical guide:

This guide provides everyone in the HR space with valuable insight into why and how to create a skills-based organisation at scale.

It answers the following key questions:

  • Why is a skills revolution happening right now?
  • How will skills-focused HR improve work?

  • Why are so many failing to put skills first?

  • How do we successfully create skills-focused HR at scale?

85% of HR executives want to become a skills-based organisation, yet only 10% say they are actually able to do it.

That is because historically skills-focused HR has been virtually impossible to achieve at scale. But with very recent advancements in technology, it is now, not only possible, but vital for survival in today’s dynamic world of work.

Because everyone deserves to do a job they enjoy and to be properly understood by their leaders and managers. Agree? 

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