Care Staff Shortage Harms Services for Thousands, Say Managers

There are reports everyday now about the shortages in the care sector. Are we surprised?

Low pay, poor support and conditions and a lack of training or career pathway for employees in this profession.


As a society we’ve downgraded this type of work over the years only to realise how important it is. We’ve been sleepwalking into this crisis. 

Caring for people everyday can be mentally and physically tough and requires a range of skills including emotional intelligence and resilience. In other jobs these skills are highly valued and rewarded. Why not so in the Care sector? I suspect because there’s no ‘output’ or ‘productivity gain’ to be measured and we find it hard to place a value that fits into our economic model. 


There are many jobs being replaced by automation and re-skilling those made redundant is now an imperative. But we must reset our thinking and come up with a new settlement for people working across social care. 

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