Brewing Success with ABInBev and Cognisess: A Case Study

For over 5-years Cognisess has played a crucial role in improving the hiring and HRM practices of ABInBev – the world’s largest brewer.

ABInBev, whose brands include Stella Artois, Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden, and Leffe beers, is a company that values talent and potential. To identify the best candidates, ABInBev partnered with Cognisess to assess their leadership potential and graduate hiring process.

One of the major challenges that ABInBev faced in India was identifying candidates with leadership potential. With the help of Cognisess, ABInBev was able to identify and understand key leadership requirements, enabling them to structure conversations during second and final stage interviews. This approach allowed them to tailor a more defined and targeted interview structure, which proved to be successful in hiring for key leadership roles.

Another area where Cognisess helped ABInBev was in the European graduate hiring process. With a massive pool of around 12,000 potential candidates to screen each year, ABInBev turned to Cognisess to create a fast and efficient assessment process. The platform was able to narrow down the pool to the best potential matches for each job, enabling ABInBev to invite only the most suitable candidates for interviews. This approach not only saved time and resources, but also ensured that the company focused on quality, not quantity.

Through the partnership with Cognisess, ABInBev was able to find the best people for their roles, leading to more cost-effective and efficient hiring practices. As ABinBev Global VP, Toon Van Der Veer, puts it:

"By using Cognisess we can understand the type of candidate who will thrive in our company and want to be challenged and progress."


So if you’re looking to find the perfect fit for your company, consider partnering with Cognisess. Together, we can identify the best talent and potential to take your business to the next level.


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