Foundational Change


A More Equitable Future

From neuroscience to machine learning; the intelligent foundations and ethical ethos that underpin everything we do.

Wake Up to a New World of Work

Multi-Dimensional Innovation

Measure Cognition Behaviour Personality Hard Skills Human Skills Potential

We evaluate more than 120 human attributes providing an holistic view of your people. Our assessments are built on a robust foundation of cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, they are also easy to use, fun, and affordable.

By making the best scientific tools accessible to all, we are unlocking the world's talent.

Deep Learn™

Deep Insights

DeepLearn™ is our intelligent software engine, that turns complex data into easy to understand personalised insights. We are creating a world of work where increased quality and performance is available to all at the click of a button.


Ethical Framework

Equitable Futures

At Cognisess we strongly believe in human potential; that everyone has something to offer somewhere. This ethos underpins everything we do, from the way we collect our data to our ethical AI policies.

Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.