Values Based. Human Centered.

We want to see an End to Inequality.

Cognisess has a mission to democratise human capital; empowering every individual and every organisation to understand and enhance their true talent and potential.


No strings attached. 

Our Purpose. Our Vision. Our Mission

Our Purpose.

is to positively and sustainably impact the future of work. To democratise the workforce by measuring everyones true potential; not what they look like, where they come from, their age, or gender.

Our Vision.

is to abolish workplace inequality and empower all people to achieve their very best. To enable companies to nurture a true sense of belonging and drive a future where people are treated in ways that are as genuine, fair and equitable as the future we are striving to create. 

How to Achieve it.

by measuring hard skills, soft skills, cognition, behaviour, and culture; all in one user-friendly place; we are creating a holistic approach to getting the best out of all people. By giving businesses the tools to hire, retain and re-deploy people more effectively, we are empowering a future of work that is more profitable, impactful, equitable and increases performance for all.


Cognisess is the complete hiring & people management platform that puts talent & potential at the heart

Together we can awaken the potential of your people.