4 Biggest Assessment Myths McKinsey & Co

Hands up who uses their hiring process to collect the data they need for their development programmes?

If you can say that your recruitment process is designed with your development process(es) in mind then I would say you are in the minority. 

This is highlighted in the recent report from McKinsey detailing the ‘4 biggest assessment myths undermining your hiring process’:

  1. The more assessments, the better.
  2. Assessments that use the latest machine learning/AI are better than long established assessments.
  3. Hiring assessments are only for hiring decisions.
  4. Standardized assessments are less useful for leadership positions.

The team at Cognisess can help you to:

  1. Select the right assessments.
  2. Understand the limitations of AI and where to use it in the process.
  3. Integrate your recruitment and development processes.
  4. Understand the different uses of psychometrics and personality assessments across all levels of hiring.

You can get in touch with one of the team here to find out how:

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