Skill Set Optimisation

What makes them Tick

Understand who your people really are by assessing personality and characteristic behaviours. Get the best out of their skillsets and enable them to work at their full potential.

Who are they?

Who are they?

Using two robust and complimentary schools of thought our team of psychologists have built a cutting-edge tool, called LensPro2,  which measures 30 facets and 16 traits of personality, to give a deep and insightful understanding of your people.

Breaking down the science into understandable and easy-to-interpret insights

The user- friendly reports generated by our platform will help you quickly:

  • understand job fit and if someone will enjoy a particular role
  • discover how people can work effectively in teams or groups
  • get the best out of peoples’ skills by maximising preferred behaviours
  • spot blind spots to provide personal development and help people with the things they don’t like doing
  • identify how people might cope with change and how to successfully help people through change

One Platform. Source of Truth. Holistic View.

Benchmark against KPIs
What does good look like in your business? Which attributes represent the best performers in your teams? Don't know? Our Consultants can support you to find out.
Create Custom Profiles by Role
Once you know what good looks like for a particular role, build a profile for a good fit on that basis.
Map for targeted results
Choose whether to map for competency, aptitude, people or careers.
Create Custom Profiles by Organisation
What does your company culture look like? Create a profile for any potential employee.
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Together we can build the workforce of tomorrow.