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Cost-effective Psychometrics For a Thousand Graduates

With a strong company culture at the core of their hiring decisions, Clarasys are using our psychometrics and benchmarking to assess over a thousand graduate candidates. Saving time, money and identifying the great from the good.

Having Your Say with PeopleSense Surveys

Hili Ventures required an intuitive and easy to access system of capturing feedback from their employees and ensuring any organisational decisions weren’t negatively impacting their workforce. Using our survey tool, Hili now perform an annual engagement event which allows each employee to anonymously have their say. With each set of survey results informing the actions of the organisation, Hili Ventures is ensuring that employees views and needs are always taken into consideration and that each member of the team feels valued. 


Finding The Best LeaderFit

ABI India were seeing a huge rise in demand on their recruitment teams. With thousands of potential hires to choose from, trying to decipher those with Leadership potential was an ever-increasing challenge. By working closely with them, Cognisess were able to identify and understand key ABI Leadership requirements and use candidate results to structure conversations during second and final stage interviews. This process helped ABI tailor a more defined and targeted interview structure when hiring for key Leadership roles. 



Cost-effective Graduate Hiring

Faced with the prospect of screening around 12,000 candidates per year, Cognisess was able to set up a fast and efficient assessment process that narrowed the pool down to the best potential matches for each job. ABI were able to invite only the most suitable candidates to interview, focussing their time and energy on quality not quantity. We were able to successfully integrate our assessments platform into the existing ABI applicant tracking system to create a streamlined process that led to them efficiently finding the best people for their roles.


Identifying Future Leaders

The Future Leaders programme is a well-established internal process to identify talent from across all franchises and brands. Cognisess Deep Learn™ was deployed to objectively review the applications to provide greater insight & streamline the programme.


High Performing Hires

Cognisess is long-term partner of ABInBev and has improved many different facets of their hiring and HRM practices – from global graduate hiring to assessing culture.


Reducing Time to Hire

By identifying key employee attributes by retail store, DFS built a benchmark model, against which new candidates are measured in real time. Overall hiring costs and time to hire significantly reduced.


Finding The Right Career

Using the platform, BUSY support a range of school students, school leavers and mature age workers. Not only to choose a career pathway that suits their skills and preferences but also to assist them in finding career fulfilment.  

Un-biased Hiring

By benchmarking and matching candidates through hard and human skills, the Cognisess platform created a time and cost-efficient hiring funnel; increased efficiency and reduced risk of human bias. 

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