Identify an individual’s real talents with a comprehensive suite of assessment solutions measuring more than 100 human attributes.

Cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, social cohesion and a whole lot more besides, measured objectively, without bias in an easy-to-use interactive gaming environment. Understand who people really are – candidates or employees. Know how effective they’re going to be for you in the future.





Determine what ‘best’ actually looks like with insightful employee data. Create tailor-made people profiles based on a selected range of specific attributes, core skills or key performance indicators and use them to set accurate benchmarks for your candidates and employees. 

Compare your people with more confidence, helping you make decisions easier, faster and more accurately.





Pre-screen thousands of applicants in no time at all and auto-invite a more suitable shortlist for interview.  No more sifting through endless CVs, hours of interviews and inappropriate candidates. 

Monitor recruitment candidates at every stage of the hiring process with our application tracking system (ATS).  Save yourself time, make more informed decisions, and match the right talent to your business.



Team Fit

Maximise team cohesion and productivity by better recognising working style and strengths. Understand how and where your people contribute the most as a part of a team. 

Increase employee happiness and loyalty, reduce the cost of churn and increase engagement by improving team fit throughout your organisation.





Continuously monitor employee performance and productivity using customised forms aligning with existing performance review and appraisal structures. 

Better understand and predict the performance and potential of people throughout their employment cycle. Compare with ‘best’ people profiles and make more informed decisions about future promotion, job-change and team-fit.




Know how your employees are feeling about their jobs, how engaged they really are in the business, what’s working and what’s not working.

Use standard anonymised ‘pulse’ surveys to identify emerging trends in mood and mindset. Distribute via web, email or social media channels and get real-time feedback on what your people are thinking right now. Take the action that matters most to your workforce.





View all your people data in a range of highly intuitive and interactive charts, graphs and diagrams. Instantly visualise the attributes, skills and performance of individual candidates or employees, teams or the organisation as a whole. 

See where the strengths and weaknesses lie, where gaps exist and improvements have to be made. Get the data insights you need to structure your business now and in the future.

See how predictive people analytics can benefit your business