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AI augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value in 2021 — Gartner

In 2021, AI augmentation will impact the business like no AI-based technology has done before.

05.08.19 | Information Age

Artificial intelligence: the future of hospitality?

InterContinental Hotels Group piloted the use of AI in recruitment in Europe, with UK-based predictive analytics company Cognisess to allocate employees to the ‘best fit’ brand.

02.08.19 | The Caterer

Is the group evalution the best way to test your applicants?

Dr Boris Altemeyer, Business Physiologist and CSO at Cognisess says that assessment centres arent as useful as many assume.

28.11.18 | HR Grapevine

The Pros And Cons Of Algorithms In Recruitment

“That’s because the AI was simply automating bias, rather than getting rid of it.”

19.10.18 | Forbes

All in the mix: AI is about augmentation, not just automation

AI is real to many of us in business. Yet much of the debate about machine learning, AI and the use of Big Data remains hyperbolic.

29.10.18 | Information Age

What does retirement mean in the gig economy era?

The gig-economy is changing retirement, but what does that mean for your autumn years? Are you looking forward to retirement?

11.10.18 | Alphr

Combining AI and neuroscience to transform lifelong learning

Discover here how AI and machine learning can nurture lifelong learning and help us transition into more fulfilling and meaningful jobs.

14.09.18 | Training Zone

Artificial Intelligence in HR – the future is now

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to give HR managers the power to make better decisions for the workforce they manage.

20.08.18 | Growth Business

What’s the truth about the AI market for HR software?

Businesses are racing to keep up with new technology, but if it’s not implemented successfully it can cause untold damage

05.07.18 | People Management

Kew Green launches gamification platform to encourage job applications

Kew Green hotels has launched a recruitment platform that allows prospective employees to submit a short video instead of a CV.

27.06.18 | The Caterer

Matching IT outliers to organisations

By providing employees with new opportunities internally, your organisation can help retain talent and make the most of its team members.

26.06.18 | IT Pro Portal
press media cognisess predictive people analytics n

The robot will interview you now: AI could revolutionise recruitment by weeding out bias

When the boss of a pharmaceutical firm scribbled ‘heels, red lipstick, good’ on the CV of a woman he appointed as his PA.

17.03.18 | The Daily Telegraph

'Dehumanising, impenetrable, frustrating': the grim reality of job hunting in the age of AI

The automation revolution has hit recruitment, with facial expressions and vocal tone now analysed by algorithms & artificial intelligence.

04.03.18 |The Guardian
press media cognisess predictive people analytics n

'I didn't even meet my potential employers'

As companies rely more on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right job candidates, is recruitment in danger of losing that personal touch?

06.02.18 | BBC
press media cognisess predictive people analytics n

Recruiters turn to AI algorithms to spot high-fliers

The prediction technology which IHG uses as a filter on its regular selection methods was developed by UK start-up Cognisess.

13.07.17 | Financial Times

See how predictive people analytics can benefit your business