Polly Hill

Head of Marketing

Polly brings with her Marketing and PR experience across multiple industries, including publishing and more recently hospitality.

As well as owning her own PR business for 7 years, she has been instrumental in forwarding a number of businesses through the scale-up phase spanning the last 20, with a focus on high-end products, credibility and discriminating lead generation.

Polly on Polly: I am a proud mum of two immaculately behaved children (But then I’m in PR). OK so ‘immaculate’ and ‘behaved’ may be the wrong adjectives but I am a proud mum. I am all about having fun and living each moment so can often be found playing monsters, having kitchen discos and drinking red wine (or any combination of the three). I am very over-excited and noisy about being involved with Cognisess at this pivotal time.