About Cognisess

The expert in predictive HR analytics

About Us

Cognisess provides a market-leading software platform that helps businesses identify, nurture and retain the workforce talent they need to remain competitive.

Driven by a unique predictive analytics engine, Cognisess people assessment, measurement and reporting tools are used by HR and recruitment professionals to make better informed, data-led people resourcing decisions. We’re recognised as an innovator in the rapidly evolving science of AI and predictive HR analytics and are regarded as an expert and thought-leader in human capital management (HCM).

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Our Clients

Forward-thinking businesses of all shapes and sizes work with Cognisess. What they share is a common desire to augment the ways in which they assess potential recruits, integrate them into the workforce and build better organisations. 

Human resource departments, recruitment agencies, executive search firms and HCM technology providers, they all use our predictive HR analytics platform to add authority, accuracy and reliability to their decision-making. They harness dependable people data and a science-led approach to help find and keep their people.

Our Goal

The Cognisess Pro predictive HR analytics platform has been purpose-designed to help human resource and recruitment professionals to make more informed decision about people, to:

  • Identify the best talent for their business
  • Avoid bad hires and reduce employee churn
  • Remove personal bias or subjectivity
  • Increase fairness, diversity and inclusion
  • Increase retention, performance and productivity
  • Increase employee engagement and maximise potential
  • Improve workforce structure, health and wellbeing

And in achieving such goals we also help to streamline traditional HR practices, to better manage skills gaps and to create more agile and competitive organisational structures.

1 %

Increase in fairness, diversity and inclusion

1 %

Reduction in the cost and time it takes to hire

1 %

Reduction in bias and subjectivity

1 %

Reduction in bad hires and increasing what ‘best’ looks like

Our Belief

Dramatic technological change – in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence – will continue to transform the structure of workforces around the world. Businesses will need to become even more agile and new skill sets developed. 

Talented workers with the most desirable and transferable skills will play pivotal roles as part of tomorrow’s more flexible, adaptable and engaged workforces. So Cognisess believes that predictive HR analytics and AI will become the norm, enabling HR and recruitment professionals to more reliably identify and manage the best talent and to maximise its potential in the future.

See how predictive people analytics can benefit your business