Career change and up skilling solutions for older workers from our Partner BUSY at Work Australia.

Career change and up skilling solutions for older workers

Recognising Talent. Enabling Potential.

The BUSY Group Ltd is the Australian agent for Cognisess – an award-winning, powerful human resourcing tool and provider of the world’s most comprehensive predictive people analytics software platform.

Developed in the United Kingdom by a unique team of psychologists, data engineers, human resource specialists and neuroscientists, Cognisess utilises neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict people and workforce performance of your individuals, teams and organisation.

For individuals looking to change career trajectory or up-skill, the platform can be utilised to identify personal career interests and skills and guide them to job opportunities that may not have been previously considered or explored.

With the unique insights provided by Cognisess, The BUSY Group offer personalised advice
and guidance on up skilling for a current job, transitioning into new roles within a current industry or pathways to new careers, including options for relevant education and training.

It helps older workers answer the question “What’s my next career move?”.

Human Generated Data

Cognisess uses over 50 combined measures, using an online platform with gamification and questionnaire methods, to objectively assess performance and gather insights across 11 areas and 150 attributes:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behaviour
  • Team dynamics
  • Social cohesion & personality
  • Core skills
  • Workforce KPIs
  • Career Interests
  • Career values
  • Video & sentiment analytics
  • Feedback loop Solutions A powerful platform & portfolio of measurable performance areas allows you to build AI/Data- Driven, agile solutions that put your people at the centre of your business. Through Cognisess, The BUSY Group can provide a number of tailored solutions which are designed to unlock the potential of your teams and individuals within your organisation or manage change.

These include:

Workplace and Talent Analytics – assessing individual potential, strengths, weaknesses and workplace personalities

Recruitment and Benchmarking – spotting unique talent and personal strengths to help organisations find the right person aligned to job requirements

Team Cohesion within your workplace – understanding team dynamics, strengths and gaps to enable better task allocation, leadership potential, succession planning and future hire decisions

Organisational Dynamics – combining teams more effectively to ensure a strong workplace culture and maximise productivity

Change Management utilising unbiased insights

Cognisess allows organisations to uncover higher potentials, predict performance and reshape the future of talent.

The BUSY Group can work with your organisation to assist your human resourcing decisions, inform career trajectories for individuals, improve workplace culture and encourage stronger team performance.

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Career change and up skilling solutions for older workers